The Mother's School

Rules Regulations

Fee Payment Rules

All the fees to be paid in the Bank of Maharashtra.

  1.     a. Fees to be paid by cash & cheques on regular working days between 5th to 15th of every Month, Time : 9 : 00 am to 2 : 00 pm.

       b. From 1st to 4th of every month only cheques will be accepted. Time : 9 : 00 am to 2: 00 pm.

  1. On Saturdays only  cheques will be accepted. Time : 9 : 00 am to 12 : 00noon.
  1. Cheque payment to be made in the name of “The Mother’s School, Vadodara” duly crossed on A/C Payee. No outstation cheques will be accepted.
  1.  Kindly mention the student name and contact. At the backside of the cheque.
  1. Fees for Std.X and XII will have to be paid in three quarter. I st quarterly in the month of June, 2ad quarterly in the moth of September and the remaining in the month of December.
  1. Please preserve your slip book carefully. Loss of book will be fined a sum of Rs. 15/- Loose sheet will cost Rs. 5 /- However for the first time it will have be given free of cost.
  1. Fine will be charged for late payment of fees as - Rs. 10=00 for one month,  Rs. 25=00 for two months

Rs. 50=00 for three months and so on.

7.  Fees can be paid in advance monthly, quarterly, half yearly

    or yearly.

8.  For each Student separate cheque must be deposited.



School Uniform

Pre-Primary Section
Frock - Mother’s Checks
Bloomers - Yellow
Socks - Navy Blue with yellow strip
Shoes - Black
Frock - Mother’s Checks
Bloomers - Yellow
Socks - Navy Blue with yellow strip.
Shoes - Black

Primary and Secondary Section
H. Pant (Std. I to V) - Gwalior Navy Blue fancy suiting
Full pant (VI to XII)- Gwalior Blue suiting.
Shirt - Filafil Blue Shirting T.C.
Socks - Navy Blue with yellow strip.
Shoes - Black
Belt - As per School pattern.

H. Pant (Std. I to V) - White
Full pant (VI to XII) - White
D. Skirt for Girls - White
T-Shirts - House wise color & pattern.


  • Navy Blue “V” neck with yellow border sweaters for boys & girls.
  • Navy Blue gloves, caps & scraps.
  • On birthday, student can wear a colorful dress.


We believe in the philosophy of Shri Aurobindo “Each child unique and grows at his or her own pace”. The evaluation pattern has been framed taking into consideration the ability of each student.

  • Two written, continuous evaluations and one retention are conducted per term in each subject.
  • The school follows a system of continuous evaluation in different forms ie.orals, projects, dictation, class work, open book tests, map reading, recitation, elocution etc.
  • The time table and the course of evaluation will be informed well in advance. Evaluation order of each subject is given at the beginning of the year.
  • Dictation dates may be notified in advance.
  • If any student remains absent in any one of the evaluations due to sickness or any social reasons, exemption will be granted only once in each subject per term.
  • Any student remaining absent in more then one evaluations will lead to a fall in the grade. However if the student represents the school in any co-curricular activity or sports during evaluation he/she will be granted an exemption.
  • Children who are suffering from Measles, Chicken Pox and other infectious diseases should not be sent to the school until the infection is over for the period specified below

Measles - 11 days from the day.
Chicken Pox - 2 weeks after the rash appears and till the scabs have completely fallen off. Please ensue that children with contagious diseases are not sent to school, even during evaluations or examinations. This is to prevent the spread of disease in the school.


  • The school conducts three regular examinations. The First Terminal. The Second Terminal. The Annual Exam
  • Internal Assessment is a continuous process which includes unit tests, class tests, projects, work submission etc.
  • In each term, a minimum of 80% attendance of the total number of working days, is compulsory for appearing in the Annual Examination.
  • A Student who is unable to appear in any examination due to sickness must submit a leave note on the first day of his absence followed by the medical certificate before attending the school. The promotion of the said students will be decided by the school authorities.
  • The students must maintain strict discipline during the examination
  • Willful breach of rules by cheating, or using unfair means in any examination is punishable. The student could be suspended from the necessary remarks in the Progress Report.
  • Promotion to a higher standard at the end of the academic year is on the basis of a student’s progress and his / her general performance throughout the year.


  • Diary remarks are calculated for the overall grade.
  • A Student who is representating the school at district, state and national level, in activities such as sports (Organized by DSO) etc., will gain additional marks as follows:-
  • District level 6 marks
  • State level 12 marks
  • National level 18 marks

This benefit is granted only once, for one activity, in an academic year.

  • Scholar Badges are awarded to the best student on the basis of the marks scored, in the various evaluation examinations and general performance.
  • The school reserves the right to change the rules, as and when necessary.

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