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Healthy Family Bonding

When I visited one of my friends at Ahmedabad, I saw the life of their family. There was very little communication between the family members. The child was in his room, and the parents were busy with their own work. The questions they asked their child were ''At what time do you have your tuition classes? What homework did you get from the school? Did you get any circular from the school? Did you get marks of any exam? How many marks did you get? Why did you get less mark? " etc. Then after this scolding of ten minutes, the communication stopped. The child would then talk to his friends continuously on the mobile. When I experienced this, a thought came to my mind "where is the family bonding? They don't have time for each other?". Parents want to earn more for their children and for themselves. I have started thinking, what is the use of hard work and money, if children for whom they are striving are not close to them? This set me thinking about the importance of family bonding. "Is it so difficult to develop?" These are 15 magical mantras of healthy family bonding.

1.     Start your day with a family prayer.

2.     Have quality time with your own family.

3.     Develop sensitivity towards the needs
of your family members like emotional,
economical and social.

4.    Do a lot of sharing with your family

5.     Be a patient Listener.

   6. Be available mentally and physically in their joys & sorrows.

7.         Respect and accept children as God's gifts.

8.         Adopt the concept of forgive and forget.

9.         Always appreciate your ward for his/her good deeds.

10.     Accept the weaknesses of your family members, provide warmth and love to turn the weaknesses into strengths. (For this take the help and suggestions from experts)

11.     Sensitive issues should be dealt with concern. Put your heart and head in it.

12.     Give Good values to make the child responsible towards self, family & society.

13.     Allow your child to take small decisions. This will increase his/her confidence.

14.     Develop self discipline in every individual family member.

15.     Character building is an important aspect of life & for that, critical & logical analysis should be done by all family members.

Let me tell you : Modernity should be in your thinking, competition should be with self. Channelize your thoughts positively; automatically you will achieve your goal.

Always remember, the family you have is by the grace of Almighty. It is the biggest gift he has given you. Now it is your responsibility to use your talents, your values, your principles and positive attitude to make yourfamily the best.

What You are is God's Gift To

You, What You Make of Yourself is Your Gift To Go

Mrs. Sonal Shah

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