The Mother's School




1)    Whatever we do, we must always remember our aim.

2)    There is a great power in the simple confidence of a child.

3)    Appearances and rules change, but our faith and our aim remain the same.

4)    The mind is a clear and polished mirror and our continual duty is to keep it pure and never allow dust to accumulate upon it.

5)    The victory of yesterday must be only one step towards tomorrow's victory.

6)   In an unshakeable faith lies all our hope.

7)   Faith is the surest guide in the darkest day.

8)   Whatever is the difficulty, if we keep truly quiet the solution will come.

9)   There is no greater courage than to be always truthful.


10)   All sincere prayers are granted, every call is answered.

11)   When the aspiration is awake, each day brings us nearer to the goal.

12)   We must replace competition and strife by collaboration & fraternity.

13)   Let us keep flaming in our heart the fire of progress.

14)   A simple and faithful heart is a great boon.

15)    Soar very high and you will discover the great depths.

16)    With the Divine's help, nothing is impossible.

17)    Do not look behind, look always in front, at what you want to do - and you are sure of progressing.

18)    Do not think of what you have been, think only of what you want to be and you are sure to progress.

19)    The storm is only at the surface of the sea, in the depths all is quite.

20)    In the silence of our heart there is always peace and joy.

21)    Let us always do the right thing and we shall always be quiet and happy.

22)    The Divine is present in the very atoms of our body.

23)   Let us do our best in all circumstan leaving the result to the Divine's decision.

24)   There is no greater victory than tha of controlling oneself.

25)   Always do what you know to be the best even if it is the most difficult thing to do.

26)   There is no greater courage than thai of recognizing one's own mistakes.

27)   Steady efforts always bring great results.

28)   Life is a journey in the darkness of th night, wake up to the inner light.

29)   Whenever things become difficult we must remain quiet and silent.

30)   It is by combined and patient effort that all good work is done.

31)   For the work, steadiness and regularity are as necessary as skill.

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