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Its time again to get in touch with you. Its time to reflect on what goals have been achieved. Its time to re-plan new academic session with new goals and also carry forward ones that are in pipeline.

This year too, has been great in achieve­ments, participation and celebrations, as always. Each of the in-charge persons will give their reports and share their experiences.

Education reform is notoriously difficult, K-12 schools are debating everything from teacher evaluations to semester systems, with no consensus in sight.

Lots of technology-and little proof of results. Some studies have found technology to be moderately effective in improving student performance, while other studies have found the exact opposite. We balance it, as sooner or later, everything is going to be on-line....

We at The Mother's School have always been ahead in plethora of unique activities and in reforms right from admission procedure to play way approach, continuous evaluation system, to innovations in imparting lessons in various subjects along with mini researches in unique disciplinary techniques.

We believe that when our students move out of the school after completion of their high school to any extremes, they feel comfortable to adapt any new system within

no time as they have been exposed to variety of ways in learning experiences with teacher being the guide by their side.

My focus at present, is just on one mission that has been undertaken for the utmost progress of the entire school. Let me share one small piece of good news that our file with all required documents for the new construction has been sent to the corporation to get legal permissions, to avoid unnecessary obstructions.

Each one is doing their best like trustees, administrator, teachers, PTA executives and myself, in our own capacity.

Parents, now its your turn to come forward and do your share in your own capacity, particularly all those who are waiting for it to start. We intend to come out with a great school building, at the earliest.

All we request is to please keep patience with the same faith intact that, you have had in us for these past 30 years.

I personally request my student parents to get in touch with their batch mates and other alumni to come forward in this herculean task of taking our school to newer heights. Your alma-matter needs your support in your own capacities.

Good Lucktooneandall.

Mrs. Nita Patel

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